How to Convert a Card into a Template

Converting a card into a template allows you to save the design of your ID but have different options like Headshot or Employee Name change from card to card. This allows it to be a fast and convenient way to quickly change information but have the card design stay the same.

  1. Start in "Badge Maker" by choosing the template design you would like, or start from scratch. Click the green "Next" option on your right to take you to Card Editor. Once you have customized your ID (see article: Full Overview) use the option "Convert to Template".                                 
  2. Once you click "Convert to Template" it will ask you if you would like to continue converting your card to a template. If you would like just one card, it is not recommended that you continue, because it will change the information on your card.
  3. Next it will ask you if you would like this text field or image to change from card to card. If you would like it to stay the same on every card, click the No option. If you would like the field changed on every card click the option and select the description.
  4. Once you have gone through all the variable fields it will take you to "My Designs". It will show the Name of the template, the last update, and the type. On the template you have designed a screen will appear on the right side. This is where you can add the new Identities.
  5. Click the  button or the Green "Add New Identity".
  6. When you add a New Identity it will show the card and the options of changing the information. Once you have added the new information, put in the Name of Card and Save. For more information on adding identities please visit our article on How to Add an Employee to a Template.
  7. If you would like to Bulk upload information through Excel please see our article on "Bulk Uploading"
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