Starting with a Blank Template

     1. Once you have created your account, start in the "Badge Maker" tab.

2. Choose the option that says Start from Scratch You have the option of a horizontal or vertical ID as shown:   


3. The card will take you to Card Editor where you can customize your ID using the different options on the left.

4. The "Badge Card Properties" will let you change the background color of the ID, add Clear Lamination, or Holographic film as shown:      

5. To add text click the  icon on the left side, then click anywhere on the ID image that you would like the text to appear. A text box will show up on the ID and you can change the properties on the left side to let you edit the text size, font, color and location as shown:      


6. To add an image to the design click the icon. A Add Image Dialog Box will ask how you would like to upload your photo. Once you have uploaded your image the Badge Properties panel on the left will let you design your image.

7. The different icons on the left will let you upload, change, and add to the ID.


Click the button shown above to delete a selected object. Objects can also be deleted with the Del key on the keyboard.   

This icon shown above allows you to generate and insert bar-codes. Please see our article here on inserting bar-codes for more detailed information.

This option shown above allows you to insert shapes. The little arrow on the button allows you to switch between lines, squares, and circles. Click and drag on the card work space where you would like the shape.

8. If you would like to add a design or magstripe to the back on your card the option will be on the lower left side to change from front to back. There is also the option of converting the card to a template. Please see our article on Convert to Template                                   

9. Once you have designed your ID click Save and Continue to add the ID to My Designs. Your ID can be changed at any time when logged into your account by going to My Designs

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