Starting with a Pre-Made Template

  1. Start by looking in the Badge Maker tab to see the different template designs offered. The Left side will offer the different Template Categories (shown below). Once you have picked your template design click the Green Next arrow on the right side. This will take you to the Card Editor tab to start customizing your ID. Or, you can go to the tab that says ID Templates and select a template to customize from that section. Once you select a template, click Customize Template to be taken to the Card Editor section. 

2. The Badge Card Properties (shown below) panel on the left side will let you edit the ID card. You can add background color or different lamination options.

3. To change the image on the ID click the image and use the Image Properties (Shown Below) on the left and click Browse... for your photo. Once you have your new image, it can be changed using the Image properties panel or by stretching and dragging the white edges of the box.

4. To change the text on the ID, click the text and use the Text panel on the left. The text can change font, size, or location. To add more text to the ID click the T icon (shown below) and place a text box on the ID.

5. If you would like to add a back to the ID choose the option Print backside. Or choose the option Convert to Template to use the same design but add more identities. See our article Convert to Template for more detail.

Note: If you would like to add different options and accessories to your card, use the top tool box to add to the card.

Alternatively, if you want to keep the card's template design exactly how it is and just change the configurable information (name, headshot, etc.), there are many templates that allow you to add your information to those custom fields and add the card to your cart without having to use the badge maker at all! A few examples are listed below: 

Police ID Card

Service Dog ID Card

Medical ID Card

Business ID Card

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