Authorization Process


IDCreator begins to work on your submission as soon as you submit it. As any other business, IDCreator is bound to all laws and regulations, so under no circumstances will IDCreator print or issue an official identification card that is being or has been issued by any government agencies such as Identity Cards or Drivers Licenses. IDCreator will not print any Student Cards issued by any school, college or University.


If your design contains copyrighted elements please send IDCreator a written proof on official letterhead granting IDCreator permission to print these items with the following forms of communication:

Please note that all letters will be checked for eligibility.

IDCreator is unable to assist in reproducing copyrighted ID cards without the written official authorization.

Shipping Orders Requiring Authorizations: 

It may take up to three additional business days to approve a first time design/order. Multiple identities based upon the approved card design do not need to be approved and will ship quickly. If changes are made to a design, it will need to be re-approved for printing. It is the User's responsibility to monitor the approved status of a design.

What if I am unable to obtain authorization?

If you are not able to provide IDCreator with an official letter granting us permission to print a copyrighted item you may modify your design and remove these copyrighted elements. If your design is unable to pass approval, IDCreator will issue a full refund (including shipping charges) in the form of store credit.

This refund can be used to order a new design or any accessories for up to 30 days from the original date of purchase. New submissions will be reviewed and either approved or denied for printing based upon the Terms and Conditions. Approval status is shown in the "My Designs" tab after submission.

IDCreator reserves the right to approve or deny service to any customer.

We guarantee that all orders for approved designs placed before 12:00 PM PST will ship out the next day.

We cannot guarantee that orders placed after the cutoff will be filled and shipped.

For our full list of Terms and Conditions, click here.

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