Barcodes and Magnetic Stripe Encoding

1. Open the ID Badge Maker and select Design a Badge:

2. Select the card you wish to add a bar-code to and open it or create a new card from scratch.

3. On the Tools menu, click the  Bar-code Tool button shown below:

4. Make sure no elements of your design are currently selected. If they are, you can unselect all elements by clicking in the grey area of the work-space.

5. On the Badge Card Properties panel, click the Back Side Options tab shown below. It slides open displaying options.

6. If it is currently unchecked, select the  Include Magstripe checkbox shown below:

7. This will allow you to edit the three available magnetic stripe data tracks:

  1. Track 1: Supports up to 79 alphanumeric characters.
  2. Track 2: Supports 40 numeric-only characters.
  3. Track 3: Supports 107 numeric-only characters.
Please note: Since magnetic stripe alpha characters can only be UPPERCASE, any lowercase letters will automatically be converted to uppercase when encoded to your card.
8. As you will notice, the Back Side of the card work-space displays the magnetic stripe bar. This will allow you to design around it. Any portion of elements overlapping the magnetic stripe area will be ignored by our printer.
9. When you are finished designing your card, be sure you click the Save button as shown below: 
Please note: Magnetic stripe data is automatically encoded to your card when we print it for you on our ID card printer. The cards arrive encoded ready to be used. However, if you are instead printing the cards yourself using a Print@Home™ kit, you will only be able to encode the magnetic stripe on your cards at home if you have a magnetic stripe encoder such as the EasyIDea™ Encoder.
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