Barcode - Add a Barcode

1. Launch the IDCreator application

2. Select a template that you wish to add a bar-code to and open it up to edit, or create a new card from scratch.

3. On the tools menu, click the BARCODE TOOL button below:



4. When you click that button, this bar-code displayed below will automatically appear on your card. This image can be resized and moved around the card to your discretion.

5. Once the bar-code is placed, you can make changes to it with the Edit Barcodes property panel.

There are five popular bar-code formats to chose from:

Default Code 128:  

Code 29:


Data Matrix:


6. Once you have selected the format that works best for your needs, you can input the data you'd like to be encoded.

7. After making your changes to the Bar-code Format or Input Data, you must click the large APPLY button (shown below) to make sure all the information is properly added



8. When you finish designing the card, make sure you always hit the SAVE button.

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