ID Creator Full Overview



The first step in creating any ID Card is to go to the "Badge Maker" tab . When you go to this section you'll see three tabs. 

1. Create A New Design

This tab is selected by default when the designer opens. From here you can get started designing every aspect of your ID card.
a) Get started creating an ID card by selecting to start from scratch or from one of the pre-made templates.
b) Clicking on any pre-made template displays it in the preview panel so you can see both the card front and card back.
c) Double-clicking on a pre-made template icon opens it in the Card Editor tab.
2. Card Editor
This tab is where the designing happens. It has 4 main areas:
a) Main toolbar: This panel is located on the very left of the screen and contains all of the tools for; inserting design elements such as text, images, shapes, and barcodes; adjusting layer arrangement; and card saving. See Figure A below.
b) Properties panel: This panel displays options and information about the item that is currently selected. If no item is currently selected, this panel shows the Badge Properties which includes detailed options as to the type of card used, and special encoding options such as magnetic stripe data. It contains three tabs: General Options, Front Side Options, and Back Side Options.
Tab 1: General Options
- Card Name: Name the card. This is the name that the card will be saved and indexed by.
- Orientation: You don’t have to create a new design if you decide to change the orientation of your card! You can change it at any time by selecting either horizontal or vertical. Re-positioning or reformatting objects may be necessary to accommodate the new orientation.
- Select Card Type: If you’re planning on having us print your card for you in high definition, you can choose to either have your card printed standard HDPVC card or our BioCard. Our standard card is an HD-PVC 60/40 PVC/Polyester Composite for advanced high definition printing. In an effort to keep our planet green, we also offer earth friendly PVC cards. Our BioCard contains a special enzyme that activates when exposed to the conditions of a landfill to break down the plastic.

Tab 2: Front Side Options
- Background Color: Changes the background color of the front side
- Auto-laminate: If you’re planning to have us print your card, you can choose to have a durable protective laminate applied to the front to protect against wear and abrasion, greatly extending the life of your photo ID. We offer both a clear protective laminate as well as a holographic laminate. The holographic film features a world with orbiting rings.
Tab 3: Back Side Options

- Print Backside of Card: If you want to design the back of a card, select “Print Backside of Card” to enable the backside. To view the backside in the editor, select the “Back” button on the right portion of the screen. If your planning on having us print the card for you, the additional fee for printing the backside will automatically be included in the card price when you export.
- Background Color: Changes the background color of the card. You will need to enable the “Colored Backside” option to display the back in color.
- Autolaminate: If were printing and you don’t need a magnetic stripe in your card, you have the option to apply either the same protective clear laminate or holographic laminate to the backside of the card. The laminates interfere with magnetic stripes, so we are unable to apply this to the back of cards with stripes. Selecting the “Include MagStripe” option will disable the laminate. Selecting a laminate will also automatically disable the magnetic stripe.
- Colored Backside: Select this option to display the backside in color instead of greyscale. If we are printing for you, the additional fee for printing the backside in full color as opposed to grayscale will automatically be included in the card price when you export.
- Include Magstripe: If we’re printing for you, you can choose to have data encoded into a High Coercitivity magnetic stripe for a variety of access and data management uses. Selecting this option will display a magnetic stripe a magnetic stripe across the back to alert you to non-printable region of the card where the magnetic stripe will appear. The incremental fee for printing the magnetic card with encoding will automatically be included in the card price when you export. For more information on magnetic stripe encoding, view our Advanced Walkthrough Guide: Magnetic Stripe Encoding.

c) Workspace: The workspace shows the design area. The curved white area is what will be printed onto the card. Your design elements can hang off of the design area, and they are shown slightly greyed out, so that you know it won’t print. You can switch to the card backside design workspace by clicking the  BACK BUTTON at the top-right. If you’re having us print the cards for you, feel free to use elements all the way to the borders. We use an over-the-edge printer so there doesn’t need to be any white borders.

d) Variables panel: The variables panel allows you to issue matching cards to many members of your organization. It appears above the workspace.

IDcreator is equipped with powerful functionality that allows you to manage multiple profiles or identities based on a single card’s design. In other words, you can design one card, and then use that design to quickly make cards for every person in the office!

The first step is to insert simple variable text fields and image fields into your design that will updated with unique employee information like Name, Picture, ID number, Ect.

From the “My Designs” tab, select the design made with “Variable Fields” and Click “Add New Identity”. A quick add menu will appear that allows you to input the unique text and select a unique image to replace the variable text and images. The design will then save.

Unique Identities will display beneath the “My Designs” window for management when a design is selected with identities attached.

Learn more about Identity management and Variable Fields in our Advanced Walkthrough Guide: Creating Templates for Multiple Users.  


3. My Designs

This tab allows you to manage all of your ID card designs and submit them for printing. It also allows you to export them to an 8-up printing sheet to print at home or to share your ID designs with others. The My Designs tab becomes activated once you login. If you don’t already have an account you can create one by clicking the  CREATE ACCOUNT button in the top-right of the screen.
Although you can begin editing your ID card without creating an account, you will have to create one in order to save your designs. We recommend you create an account as soon as possible to take full advantage of IDCreator’s features. Creating an account takes seconds and gives you full access to this “My Designs” tab. This tab allows you to do two main tasks:

1) Manage your saved designs,
2) Print your saved designs.

Managing Saved Designs
All of your saved designs display in the “My Designs” list. After selecting a design, a preview of the front and back of the design will load in the panel on the right. Card approval status for high definition printing is displayed to the right of the design name in the “My Designs” window. Three buttons beneath the “My Designs” list control management of each design.

Share Highlighted Design:
This button allows you to share your design with the world or share it privately with your associates. When you click the button, two options appear:

Share with Friends:
When you select this button, you will be given a private encrypted URL that will link to your design. When a person accesses this URL, your design will load, fully editable for the user as a private template. Any changes made to the design by your associate will not change the original version in your account.
Share with IDCreator Community:
Did you make a design that you’re proud of and want to share with the world? Selecting this option will submit your design for inclusion in our public template database. If we approve your design, we will include it in one of our categories. Please note that once your design is submitted, it becomes property of IDCreator and will be permanently accessible for the world.

Printing Saved Designs
There are two ways to print the ID card designs you conjure up. 1) Print them yourself, 2) Have us print them for you. Either way, using the IDCreator is completely free. We make it free and easy to design and print your ID cards from the comfort of your office or home using your desktop printer. We also offer an inexpensive printing service to have us print your cards using the industry’s most advanced high-definition PVC card printers.

Print Them Yourself
Selecting the green “Print at Home- View Selected on 8-up PDF” button will open a window that allows you to select which designs you want to print at home using your desktop printer. After selecting the designs you want to print, a PDF with up to 8 ID cards per sheet will be generated. For every page of designs, there will be one page with the fronts and a second page in the PDF will have the ID card backs on the reverse column. For every 8 ID cards you export to PDF, 2 pages will be created. If you export more than 8 cards, a third and fourth page will automatically be created to handle all card designs. You can print these on your desktop printer and do what you want with them. You can cut them out or use a Print@Home Kit where they punch out.

For your convenience, we offer Print@Home kits for sale that allow you to create professional and durable PVC card quality ID cards using any desktop inkjet or laser printer. The kits include either Teslin or Artisyn Synthetic paper sheets that are perforated with 8 ID card inserts and fit your PDF file dimensions exactly. The kits also include special seamless butterfly laminating pouches. Teslin and Artisyn are special synthetic papers that when laminated with the butterfly pouches, form solid, edge to edge, seamless, durable, PVC-card-like ID cards. For more information on Printing at home please visit our How to Print@Home article.

Have Us Print For You

We are proud to offer an inexpensive printing service to print your cards using the industry’s most advanced high definition PVC card printers. We are able to handle all of your photo ID, magnetic stripe encoding, and barcoding needs for as many cards as you need! Learn more about how cost effective IDcreator is by viewing our Pricing page.

To order printed cards, click the green “Order Printed Cards- Proceed to Shopping Cart” button. Once selected, a window will appear allowing you to choose the cards you want printed. Select your design designs and click OK.

The IDcreator will enter export mode and begin rendering your cards in high definition for printing. Because high definition images are large, the rendering can take significant time (up to a minute per card). Please do not close or refresh the window until exporting is complete.

Once export is complete, you will be redirected to the shopping cart. Select “My Designs” along the navigation bar to view the cards you’ve exported for ordering.

Thumbnails of fronts of the ID card designs display on the My Designs Page along with the price. Select “View Details” to view a large size proof of the front and back of the card. You can also view a breakdown of the calculated price for the card. This price does not include quantity discounts which are calculated based in the “My Cart” section before checkout.

Select “Add to Cart” to add your design to your shopping cart. When you are ready to checkout, you can review your cart by clicking “My Cart” or you can checkout by clicking “Checkout” in the top right of the site.

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