How To Print@Home

       1. Under the “My Designs” tab in the IDcreator designer, select from the cards which you would like          to print from the window. Up to 8 cards can be printed on a page.

        2. Click the  Print Cards at Home button shown below: 

3. Take the printed page out of the printer and rotate it so that your printer will print on the blank side of the sheet. The backs of the designs on second page of the PDF are in the opposite column next to where they were on the front so that the corresponding fronts and back of the cards line up when the page is rotated. It is recommended you practice your first time on regular paper to gain experience before using your synthetic paper.

4. If you are using the micro-perforated sheets, you will easily be able to punch out your ID insert. If you are using a non-perforated sheet, you can cut out your design using scissors.

5. Place the ID insert between the butterfly laminating pouch. Place the pouch with insert directly into your ID card pouch laminator. Do not use a lamination carrier. If using an ID card pouch laminator with temperature control, make sure it’s on the hotter setting.

5. When the card emerges from the laminator it will be hot and slightly malleable. Allow it to cool flat for a few minutes. Placing it under a flat, heavy object like a book will ensure the ID cools flat and even.

6. You can optionally apply a protective or holographic overlay to the clean surface of the card. Simply peel it off the backing and stick it to the surface. Work from the center outward to minimize bubbles.

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