Picking The Right Accessory

With so many different accessories on the site, it can be difficult to pick the right one. Each accessory serves a different purpose and may have a different use, so here’s an explanation of each accessory and who might get the most use out of it. 

Lanyard: This is the most standard type of ID accessory. Lanyards come in all different styles, including breakaway, swivel hook, rhinestone decorated, and more! Lanyards are perfect for displaying an ID somewhere where you may also need to hold other items, such as keys or another card. A lanyard is most commonly seen around school campuses holding up student IDs, and at events where guests at the event need to be identified. Lanyards are also nice because they are cheap and easy to order in bulk.

Badge Reel: A badge reel is simply a small attachment that goes on to a bag, belt, collar, or anywhere convenient, that has a retractable cord perfect for extending your card whenever necessary and bringing the card back to your body afterwards. Badge reels can come with a variety of clips and in many different colors, so you can find the perfect reel for you. These accessories would most likely suit someone working in a large business that has a large amount of employees, in order to ensure that everyone’s ID is visible at all times. This would also benefit a business that allows employees to clock in and out using their ID, because they can just use the extendable cord to do so without having to remove the ID from their body.

ID Clip: ID clips are perfect for people who need IDs solely for display/identification purposes. These clips will hold the ID still and close to your body so that your name and information are clearly legible for other people you are interacting with. ID clips would be ideal for someone who needs an ID at a work conference, who needs to display a press pass, or who is at some sort of informal event where the ID is only necessary for identification. ID clips are small and can attach to any item of clothing in order to increase visibility.

Badge Holder: Everyone could benefit from a badge holder! Not only do they add a layer of protection, they also make an ID look more professional, and make it simple to attach any ID to a lanyard or badge reel. Some badge holders are waterproof, and they come either horizontal or vertical in order to accommodate to all badge types. All badge holders come with a pre-punched slot in order to be attached to a lanyard or badge reel, and some come with chain holes if you have a different type of holder that can hook right on to the badge. Some even come with a clip attached, so no additional purchase is necessary to attach the badge to your clothing. These badge holders are perfect for anyone in any profession!

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