Ordering Members

Selecting Members to Order for a Template

  1. Go to “My Designs” on IDCreator to access your Saved Designs.
  2. Select the Template design you want to Order for the Member. (A template design can be identified with a certain number of Smart fields displayed)
  3. On the right side will appear the Green “Select Member to Order” button.
  4. Click the Green “Select Members to Order” button, and the My Members box will appear with all existing Members saved in the account.
  5. Select the Member you want to order.
  6. If the oncoming Member needs to be added to the account, use the “Add Member” option and enter the Member information into each column you plan on using in your template.
  7. If you are going to be adding an Image or Headshot follow these steps.
    1. Click the Green “Add” button for each Image Variable that you want to upload for the Member’s information (Headshot, Signature, Fingerprint, etc.).
      1. The Image will need to be in the following format ( .JPG, .jpg, .JPEG, .png)
    2. Once all information is entered, click the “Save” button. (your added Members will now be uploaded to “My Members” and ready to be ordered for any Template)
    3. At the bottom of the My Members box is the Green “Add Member to Cart” button.
    4. Click the Add Member To Cart button option and you will be asked to Review your Members’ ID design for accuracy.
    5. Once you approve of all Members’ designs, click the Green “Add to Cart” option to continue to the checkout page to place your order.
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