Adding Smart Text and Variable Images to a Design

Smart Text and Variable Images are helpful when using the same design to order ID badges for multiple people.

  1. Once you have picked your template design and opened the Card Designer, you can begin to customize your design to add any Smart Text and Image Variables you need by clicking the Add Text panel found on the left side of the screen.
  2. To add Smart Text, choose the Text options for either Single Line or Multi-Line Text and choose the area on the ID card you would like the text to go. A text box will appear on the card.
  3. Next, by clicking on the “Insert Smart Field” drop-down arrow found on the right side of the screen, you can insert different Smart Fields in the text box by choosing the option that bests match the description of the information you want to have change for each Members’ ID badge.
  4. To have any images on the template change for each Members’ ID badge, click the option to add a Variable Image found on the left side of the screen. This option will ask you to select the type of image you want to upload for the different Members’ information (Headshot, Signature, Division Logo, Fingerprint, etc.). The image will be to be in the following format (.jpeg, .jpg, or .png)
  5. Once you have finished designing and customizing your template with the added Smart Text and Variable Images, click the “Save” button and provide a name for your Template.


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